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Mustahkam, a young woman from Samarkand, who was previously known on social media after being beaten, and forced eating diapers by her husband, returned to her family. Loud words are no longer heard about her. However, the fate of hundreds or thousands of women in the region remains unknown to us. Either they are silent, or they are used to female discrimination.


The life of Eastern woman seems to be calm, happy if she has a family, house, and children.
It is accepted in society, that she should agree with this. In addition, in no case should not be divorced. One day, a video appeared on social networks where a woman was beaten by her husband. And the blogger Akidakhanum arrived there. She was Mustahkam, mother of two children.

Mustahkam, covered in bruises, with a broken arm and with tears in her eyes, told about what had happened, “My sister-in-law and I had an argument. When my husband found out, he locked the doors when he got home. He hit me first. He then ordered me to find our puppy’s litter in the yard. I cleaned the yards, and said the dog had no litter. Otherwise, he said, “Bring it from the toilet.” I could not get it because the toilet was deep. He tried, but failed. Then he order me eating diapers from garbage dump,” Mustahkam Vahabova said at the police department.

As it turns out, her husband constantly beat her. The video from domestic camera, which was spread by Mustahkam, where husband beat Mustahkam one of, is one such case. Here the point is not in the relationship between of wife and sister, but in the relationship of man to woman.

After some time, photos of Mustahkam appeared on the net, where she is happy and smart with her husband in a wealthy family ... We did not even know what to say...
The interviews from Mustahkam and other sources, bloggers shoved to us how deep the problem of women discrimination is.
"I have a lot of requests from women," Akidakhanum says."I have been working on this story for four months. It turns out that everyone in the mahalla knew about it, but no one was engaged. This problem is not only in Uzbekistan, happen in other countries too, in Tajikistan, Kirgizstan…Why don't women get rid of such a life? A woman is always held back by the words: "What will people say?"


Sometimes a person will think, "What is free-thinking and freedom of speech?" Freedom of speech is revealed when the utterance of all people lives on the same level in the field of information. And no manipulation and discrimination. But in many cases we come across social media discrimination against women for what they have said against men.
For example, twoo-three years ago, one woman who had worked in the state organization, was heaped with mass insults and threatened with deprivation of life. Taken out of context, her words were interpreted differently. She was forced to remain silent for being a woman...

Recently, a video of psychologist Nargiz Sattarova appeared on social networks. She shared her knowledge about family life. "Why does a woman need a husband," these words have become the cause of discrimination and stigmatization. She just wanted to remind about the role of women and men in the family. But the angry mob wanted to kill her. She could say no more in her defense.

"In our country we have freedom of speech and freedom of creativity," Saida Mirziyoyeva said on her Facebook page. She said, “Some women fate to discrimination at the workplace. According to her, like these noisy events only top of iceberg.” Moreover, she participated in a forum again violence against women.
"Everyone is equal before the law. Article 3 of the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On Guarantees of Equal Rights and Opportunities for Women and Men" provides that indirect gender discrimination, its propaganda through the media, education, and culture can have negative consequences for people of the opposite sex - indicated conditions or requirements," Gulrukh Agzamova, Member of Parliament of Uzbekistan, writes in her telegram channel.
If this is so, if noble people and legislators talk about equality and freedom of speech, then why are the laws not enforced?
This topic was discussed many times in the posts of journalists Barno Sultonova and Nilufar Zhumaeva on Facebook.
If a woman feels uncomfortable in the family and society, then she cannot show her dignity and strength. Some women cases when creative people cannot do what they love because they are women. For example, write poems, draw, dance, play sports... These qualities die in family worries.


What is the life of women in other countries of Central Asia and the East?
We read an interview with Malala Yousafzai from Pakistan, and know how she was in difficult situation, what troubles she felt. Malala found the road to happy life and strength, but other women remaining in the victimize situation.
Recently on February, we read from all social networks , that Mona Heydari from Iran, 17-years-old girl, was killed by her husband.

Mona was forced married with him 13 years old. She asked for a divorce several times, but husband was not agree. After she ran away from home, but when she returned, husband killed and carried her head demonstrative through the streets. He said, “This is a honor killing.”
One of women legislators from Iran Ilhom Ozod said, “We have very bad laws. As a result happened these events. Our women are not protected.”
This is not isolated case, similar events happen often in the Eastern countries. For example last years accused of non-observance of religious rituals threw stones and burned Parvina in Afganistan.
In these countries so widespread child marriage.
How threatens this events to Central Asia? Sometimes we are hearing different stories with women from Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and other.

It all starts with manipulation and discrimination in conversations, in words, which we see in the comments on the net. Last times the radicalism developing in Central Asia, and people with freethinking and secular views afraid to say own mains.


Measures taken by the government of Uzbekistan lead to gender equality and support and protection of women.
Below this analysis is based on the article of Nozima Nazirova, which was published on page of blogger Nigora Alimova (https://t.me/Nigora_Alimova).
One in four women in Uzbekistan is abused. This is evidenced by its effective surveys of the Research Institute "Neighborhood and Family".
The Institute of the Republic surveyed 800 women from six regions of the country, including Karakalpakstan, Kashkadarya, Samarkand, Syrdarya, Fergana and Tashkent.
Of the women surveyed, 440 live in urban areas and 357 in rural areas.
According to the survey, about 60 % of women reported no violence in their marital life, while the remaining 40 % reported discrimination and harassment. One in four women reported experiencing violence in some cases, and 7 % of women said it was the norm.

More than 75% of respondents felt that their legal knowledge was insufficient in certain situations. This includes the following issues:

22.7% in banking and financial matters;
20.6% in certain cases in the workplace;
19.7% have housing problems.
"This indicates that the level of legal literacy among them is much lower than average," the institute said in a report.
The women surveyed have the following levels of education:
32.3% (257) higher;
49% (390) medium;
17.2% (137) medium-special;
1.3% (13) have incomplete secondary education.

73.8% of respondents work in various fields and 26.2% are unemployed.

In addition, 89% of women with children surveyed pay special attention to legal knowledge in the upbringing of their children. 57 % , or more than half, are constantly seeking legal education for their children. About 40 % are involved in legal education in some cases. The number of women who are unable to educate their children in law and order is 5 %.

In addition, their perceptions of law, rights, and duty were examined.

According to the answers, women:
• Law and order for 61.0%;
• Justice for 53.8%;
• Law protection for 37.9%;
• For 15.4%, the law is a way of governing the people;
• The law for 12.1% is a guarantee of life.

The overall accuracy of the answers to the questions asked to check the legal literacy of women is 43.7%. This indicates that the legal literacy rate among women is well below average.

It will be recalled that in the first nine months of 2021, 29,541 women were victims of violence in Uzbekistan and were issued protection orders. Also many hide the fact that they are under pressure in order not to bring out the conflicts in the family. Violence affects not only the victim, but also the father, child, brother or sister, the whole community and our long-term future.

Measures are being taken by the state to protect women. After the events with women, the government of Uzbekistan introduced protection orders for women in need to help.
In recent years, the number of women in business and in government has been growing in Uzbekistan. For example, 32.5% of members of Parliament are women.

There are also women in the government. One minister of women Agreppina Shin in the Cabinet of Ministers, and appointed mayors of districts from women.
But this number is very small.

"Decide that in the conditions of Uzbekistan, it is forbidden to assault or oppress a woman," Shavkat Mirziyoyev said on Marth 5, 2022 in the videoselector meeting.(http://dy.uz/4gxi7)
From now on, the protection of women from oppression and violence will be guaranteed by the court. Separate protection is set for a period of up to one year. And will be implement more reforms in higher education system to support women of Uzbekistan.


In the previously sub-section we show compares and conclusions of specialists, they are saying, “IN UZBEKISTAN, EVERY FOURTH WOMAN IS BEATEN WITH A FIST.” These words and numbers speak of a real problem.
Mustahkam decided to return to her family, but she still faces violence.

This problem is not solved by punishing her husband. Analysis and facts show that there is a real problem in society.
There was information from the neighborhood committee that was given a protection order and bought an apartment to her. But in the end she returned to her husband. The question arises: what did she wanted in general? What is dearer to a woman, or is a woman so strong and protected? And what’s in store for her in the future?

The article was written by Gulbakhor Saydganieva

The member of Parliament of Uzbekistan

In March, 2022

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